Graves Mill Road Corridor Study | A transportation study for future road improvements.
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Project Sponsors

Bedford County


Local Government Council

Project Purpose

The Region 2000 Local Government Council and Central Virginia MPO, in partnership with Bedford County and the City of Lynchburg, and with assistance from EPR, P.C., are conducting a study of Graves Mill Road between Gristmill Road and McConville Road in the City of Lynchburg. Graves Mill Road is an important roadway that serves heavy commuter traffic, while also providing access to commercial interests. This corridor planning study will:


1. Investigate existing traffic conditions and consider what kinds of road
improvements may be needed if future traffic continues to increase,

2. Assess existing and desired conditions for pedestrians, bicyclists, and
users of transit, (multimodal options), and

3. Address safety issues.


The study effort will develop short and long-term recommendations that will help to minimize congestion and improve travel conditions and safety along this important corridor. Once the study is complete, the projects can be prioritized and then funding and implementation strategies can be pursued.

Website Purpose

The project study team will update this website monthly (approximately) with study information as it becomes available. Updates made on this website will be listed here. Information will include analysis results related to traffic congestion, safety, concepts for improvements, and draft recommendations. See the “submit feedback” section to offer any feedback or commentary to the study team.

Image of the Graves Mill Corridor study site.

Study Area

Illustration of Study Area

The study area begins at Gristmill Drive on the west and extends to McConville Road on the east. The figure below provides an illustration of the study area, as well as the intersections this study will examine. The study area includes the following seven (7) signalized intersections and two (2) unsignalized intersections:

1. Gistmill Drive (signalized)
2. Mill Race Road (signalized)
3. Millside Drive (unsignalized)
4. Old Graves Mill Road (signalized)
5. Creekside Drive (signalized)
6. US501 eastbound interchange ramps (signalized)
7. US501 westbound interchange ramps (signalized)
8. McConville Road (unsignalized)

The study will also consider the intersection on Old Graves Mill Road just south of Graves Mill Road since this intersection is heavily affected by Graves Mill Road.

Also, the intersection of Graves Mill Road at Forest Road already has a planned project to add another turn lane from Graves Mill Road onto Forest Road. Therefore, while this intersection is shown on the graphic, we are not anticipating making any further recommendations to that intersection.

Study Schedule

Study Process and Schedule

The study will begin fall 2017 and is expected to end April 2018. The following schedule outlines the general schedule for this project. Any changes to this time frame will be reflected here.

o Examine corridor safety and crash history (fall of 2017)
o Examine existing and future traffic and multimodal conditions (fall of 2017)
o Hold first community meeting (open to the public) (December 2017)
o Develop draft recommendations for future improvements (Winter 2017/2018)
o Hold second community meeting (open to the public) (February 2018)
o Finalize recommendations for future improvements (March 2018)
o Provide guidance on funding and implementation (April 2018)


Submit Feedback

Please provide any comments regarding concerns, opportunities, or ideas relative to existing conditions, or desired future conditions for the study corridor.